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We are about making disciples of Jesus for the Glory of God …

… and as such we are part of what God is doing at large
in this city, this country, and world-wide.

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Jn 15:8Our Theme for this year is: Fruitfulness!
This is to my Father’s glory,
that you bear much fruit,
showing yourselves to be my disciples.

(Jn 15:8)
PentecostThe birthday of the church, Pentecost, is observed on Sunday 24 May around the world.
In the year Jesus Christ was crucified and rose from the dead, the Feast of Pentecost came with some rather dramatic events. First there was a sound like a roaring thunderstorm. Then it looked like each of the disciples had fire dancing on their heads. They were each filled with God’s Spirit, and by God’s power they started unknowingly speaking about God to the people around them so that everyone understood what was said in his own native language (Acts:2:1-12).
The Church had gotten its start, and Jesus promised that his Church would always exist and that He would always be working with his people to fulfill the will of God the Father in them and through them. And by them he meant all his followers. This means that we are included. This is our church, too.
Let’s act on this opportunity and make the most of it together as we are being filled more and more with the love and power of the Spirit of God!
Ps Klaus

Where we are

Come and visit us at 50 Bennelong Crescent, Macquarie ACT, Australia

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