We are about making disciples of Jesus for the Glory of God

We are about making disciples of Jesus for the Glory of God, and as such we a part
of what God is doing in large in this city, country and world-wide.

Our Pastor Writes:

Easter is the most meaningful festival of the year. This year I’m reminded of the odd
scene Jesus provided by riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. A king arriving, not on a
war horse, but a lowly donkey!

Jesus’ vision of the kingdom of God was, and still continues to be, different from most people’s idea of what God should look like and how He should act.

But which one is more approachable: someone on a big black war horse or the one on a donkey? We tend to notice those appearing to be powerful, but wouldn’t it be better to trust someone who is truly willing to die for you?

Jesus came to introduce to us a Heavenly Father who wants to heal and forgive, who is full of compassion and grace for us.

It may take time to realise that you need forgiveness and healing, but I hope that you get to know this God, as shown in and through Jesus, more and more. He is an accessible ruler, worth trusting, following and serving with all you are.

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